CDL Quiz 4

1. The purpose of a baffle is to
Reduce expansion of the load.
Control the load surge.
Separate the load.

2. What three things related to cargo are the driver’s responsibility?
Inspecting the cargo, hauling the cargo, and properly securing the cargo
Weighing the cargo, properly securing the cargo, and delivering the cargo
Inspecting the cargo, recognizing overloads, and properly securing the cargo

3. Why should you back toward the driver’s side?
Backing toward the right side is dangerous.
You can see better.
Both of the above are correct.

4. A vehicle is loaded with most of the weight on the steering axle. What may result?
Hard steering and possible damage to the tires
Too little traction on the steering axle
Better handling

5. Which of these can cause the vehicle to skid?
Not enough weight on the front axle
Both of the above

6. You are driving in the right lane of a four-lane, undivided road. You come over a hill and find a car stopped ahead in your lane. You do not have room to stop. The hill blocks your view to the rear. The shoulder is clear. Which of these is most likely the best action to take?
Steer into the left lane.
Steer to the right.
Brake hard and brace for collision.

7. You should use a helper to help back your vehicle
When possible.
When you need to back on a curved path.
When you have a trailer.

8. If you are driving a long distance, you should
Stop often and take short breaks before you feel really drowsy or tired.
Take a short break once or twice during the trip when you are feeling tired or drowsy.
Avoid short breaks but keep the window open.

9. While driving, ice builds up on your wipers and they no longer clean the windshield. You should
Keep driving and turn your defroster on. Drive slower until you can see again.
Stop safely and fix the problem.
Keep driving and spray the windshield with washer fluid.

10. Inspect your cargo after you have driven
25 miles or 50 miles, depending on the law in the state you are in; again after 3 hours or 150 miles; and after every stop for a break.
50 miles.
75 miles.

11. When getting in to start the engine and inspect inside the cab,
You mistake sure the parking brake is on and put the gearshift in neutral (or park if automatic).
Start the engine and listen for unusual noises.
Both of the above

12. You must drive on a slippery road. Which of these is a good thing to do in such a situation?
Slow down gradually.
Use a smaller following distance.
Apply the brakes during turns.

13. Which of the following may be a sign of tire failure?
Gentle thumping
Wheels fishtailing
Both of the above

14. Stab braking
Involves releasing the brakes only after the wheels lock up.
Should never be used.
Involves steady pressure on the brake pedal without locking the wheels.

15. In your mirror, you see a car approaching from the rear. The next time you check your mirror, you don’t see the car. To change lanes, you should
Wait until you are sure the car isn’t in your blind spot.
Assume the car left the roadway and change lanes as usual.
Ease into the other lane slowly so the other car can get out of the way.

16. You should try to park your vehicle so that
Your vehicle is protected by trees or some overhang.
There is at least one curb next to your vehicle.
You can pull forward when you leave.

17. Which of these statements about cargo loading is true?
If the shipper loads the cargo, the driver is not responsible for overloading.
The legal maximum weight allowed by a state can be considered safe for all driving conditions.
State laws dictate legal weight limits.

18. As your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) rises, what happens?
Judgment and self-control are affected.
You see more clearly how alcohol is affecting you.
You can sober up in less time.

19. When checking the bus seats, what are you looking for?
You are making sure that they are securely fastened to the bus.
You are looking to see if they have been damaged.
Both of the above are correct.

20. Which of these statements about vehicle fires is true?
If the cargo or box trailer catches fire, open the doors as soon as you can.
If your engine is on fire, open the hood as soon as you can.
A Burning tire should be cooled with water.